About Ras Al Khaimah


The late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, UAE’s Founding Father, once said, ‘A nation that knows not its past has neither a present nor a future.’

His words reflect the importance of knowing the history of the land which we call our own. This history is important, as it helps us better understand the society in which we live; it helps citizens get a better understanding of themselves and those who came before them; and it also helps people gain appreciation of the land on which they live.

Though the UAE is a relatively new country – having only formed in 1971 – the history of the land that the UAE occupies dates back to the Neolithic Age, which is evidenced by inscriptions, drawings and archaeological finds uncovered in the seven emirates during the period from the early 1950s to the present day. This website, however, focuses on the history of the land in general, and of Ras Al Khaimah in particular, covering details about life in the region from ancient times to the modern era.

Archaeologists have found evidence of human settlement in the emirate from 7,000 years ago, making Ras Al Khaimah one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in the world. Its location at the entrance of the Arabian Gulf has always been strategic to the socio-economic and cultural growth of the emirate. It has also meant that Ras Al Khaimah has also been fending off invading forces; the remnants of numerous historic forts and towers testify to its turbulent eventful history.


Established in May 2011, the Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority (RAK TDA) is a Government of Ras Al Khaimah entity that helps develop and promote the emirate’s tourism infrastructure and potential both within the UAE and abroad.

Since Ras Al Khaimah aims to establish the emirate as a destination for leisure and adventure travel, the Authority is mandated to license, regulate and monitor the hospitality industry within the emirate. With this in mind, RAK TDA continues its research for identifying future tourism projects and current trends that helps in the development and implementation of strategies that are designed to encourage tourism investment in Ras Al Khaimah.

For accomplishing its mission of transforming Ras Al Khaimah’s tourism industry into a sustainable driver of the economy of the emirate, RAK TDA represents this tourism industry at international travel shows, conferences and exhibitions; it also promotes the tourism sector through media and consumer campaigns and promotions; the coordination and implementation of joint initiatives with key travel industry players; the hosting of leading sporting, cultural and trade exhibitions and events; and the development of the emirate’s tourism infrastructure and attractions.